Here are some of the questions we are often asked about the Bike MOT:

  • My MOT has run out; can I ride my bike to Tech Motorcycles for the test? 
    Yes, you can as long as the MOT is booked for that day and it is insured.
  • How soon can I book my MOT? 
    Up to 1 calendar month prior to expiry of the existing MOT, and this time can be added to the MOT preserving the expiry date.
  • Do my lights on my bike need to be working to pass an MOT? 
    All lights need to be working. However, if you require a daytime running MOT in which case lights must be taped over/removed. PLEASE NOTE A BIKE WITH DAYTIME MOT CANNOT BE USED IN BAD WEATHER – YOU NEED LIGHTS.
  • Must I have a reflector fitted to the motorcycle? 
    YES, it must be fitted to the rear of the motorcycle in line the centre of the number plate.
  • What about the number plate? What should the content and layout be? 
    The layout must include the first two letters and numbers on the first line and the last 3 letters on the second line. Also, the number plate must have the makers name and postcode on it. Too small or incorrectly laid out numbers plates will be a failure.
    • Characters must be 79mm tall
    • Characters (except the number 1 or letter I) must be 50mm wide
    • The character stroke (the thickness of the black print) must be 14mm
    • The space between characters must be 11mm
    • The space between the age identifier and the random letters must be 33mm
    • The margins at the top, bottom and side of the plate must be 11mm
    • Vertical space between the age identifier and the random numbers must be 19mm

What is Checked in a motorcycle MOT?

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