Motorcycle MOT test due?

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MOT Testing

A MOT test covers some of the important items on your motorcycle to check that they meet the required legal standards for road use.

However an MOT test does not cover the condition of the:

  • Engine
  • Clutch
  • Gearbox

What is checked in a Motorcycle MOT

Do my lights need to be working to get an MOT certificate?

All of your lights need to be working. If you require a daytime running MOT the lights must be taped over or removed. However a bike with a daytime MOT cannot be used in bad weather, you must have lights. You must have a reflector fitted to the rear of the motorcycle in line with the centre of the number plate.

Number Plates

The layout of your number plate must include the first two letters and numbers on the first line and the last three letters on the second line. The number plate must also have the makers name and postcode on it. If your number plate is too small or the numbers incorrectly laid out it will be an MOT failure.

Remember, if your bike has been booked in for an MOT and you are insured, you will be able to ride to the station that day if your current MOT has expired. If you have no insurance we can collect your Motorcycle for you.

You can book the MOT for your bike up to 30 days prior to the expiry of the existing one and this time can be added to the new MOT certificate.